Teaching Philosophy

My goal as a dance educator is to facilitate the development of an informed and well-rounded individual. What one learns in the classroom or studio setting can be taken out into the world and expanded upon; for example, within the physical setting of a dance class, students foster a deep understanding of their bodies and movement. Through this practice of self-assessment and processing, students learn their innate or learned patterns, which informs them to make better choices for themselves. This knowledge eventually extends to their relationships with others and their environment, all of which aids in the evolution of empathy, compassion and kindness. Moreover, the better relationship we have with ourselves, the better the relationship we have with the world. This wisdom stems from our personal development and it doesn’t get more personal than our bodies. This rings even more true today in a society where our youth are growing more and more disconnected to their bodies and more connected to their computerized gadgets. It is imperative that we, as a society, don’t lose the connection to ourselves, to our bodies. It is my aim to instill this knowledge to my students and provide them with assistance and support. Through my experience, I have found that there is no exact formula to achieve such a task but rather more of a give and take, improvisational method between student and teacher while maintaining a commitment and clear vision of the desired outcome. I encourage and challenge my students to take risks, learn from their mistakes and successes, follow their instincts, develop worthwhile relationships and efficiently invest their time and energy.

Another key issue for me is to teach my students to be proactive in their education. Each student needs to learn how to take responsibility for his/her own path and progress. I enjoy igniting their curiosity in order to help them grow as confident, proficient artists and empowered individuals. As a teacher, I take a great deal of interest contributing in the development of my students in a performing arts environment and I strongly believe in a close student-faculty interaction.

Another area of interest that I stand behind is sharing dance to as wide an audience as possible in order to help promote dance appreciation as well as inspire the observer. Two ways in which I participate in this practice is through dance technology via video and editing and also by taking dance outside of the proscenium stage via site-specific work through rehearsal processes and performances designed for unconventional dance spaces. I aim to share and inform my students of the various ways a dance artist can thrive in their field and in doing so, I hope to inspire my students to think outside of the box.

Lastly, as a Mexican-American female raised in a diverse family background, I’m a firm believer in the positive effects of diversity in a multi-cultural environment. Moreover, my educational credentials and extensive experience as an educator and performing artist in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Fresno, Portland, Mexico and Eastern Europe would allow me to make a strong contribution to the diversity goals fostered by the educational arena.


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